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July 15, 2010


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Mora Chartrand

Loved this segment, Nancy. From the photos to the washi making explanation, you provided a wonderful glimpse into the process. Linda and I have visited several small washi makers during our Japan travels. I'm continually amazed at the beauty, not only of the end product, but especially the process itself. How heart warming to know the effect SSU! has had on past students and current alike. Congrats!

Nancy Merrick


Diane Miller

Hi Nancy, I featured this post on my end of week "For Your Consideration"http://spoonandchair.com/2010/07/15/for-your-consideration-indigo-days-making-washi/ Hope you don't mind.


Oh goodness, Nancy, I want to have your adventures.

Sarah O'Toole

Ibuki! His smile has not changed one bit! Sounds like a good trip Nancy.


Mora: It's funny that we never did this until now and the preschool part of the school is in its 11th year. Also the shop has very cool stuff, I guess you know how hard it is sometimes to wade through the crap when you're in "omiyage-land." I'm totally jaded by these cities, even Kyoto, where every shop sells the same thing. Give me the dusty, dirty shop any time...or the flea market. Hope you and Linda will have time to come our way this winter.

Diane: I'll comment on your blog...thanks for the "shout out."

Garrett: ...But then you have all of yours...fire, robbery...the cat...and more.

Sarah: I think the most recent post will resonate with you and Phil as you both came for dinner at the last SSU! venue along with Sylvan. The Hachisu boys have bugged out, but Momoka was a killer assistant. And Kaito was in super helping mode. Also, I've got things totally whipped into shape, so it was a great night. My new system is to have the kids come to the Saturday program at 12:00, so basically it's just the night (5 pm to 9 am next day). No more car excursions...so much more doable.

Carolina Larrea

Trabajo en papel hecho a mano hace muchos años y especialmente haciendo washi. Llegué a esta página por casualidad y realmente fue un bálsamo para el alma. Simplemente maravilloso. Los felicito!
Saludos desde Chile

A Facebook User

We have a lot in common in seems...I would love to meet you someday.

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