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July 12, 2009


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Becky Namiki

Good for you, Nancy. You are absolutely right about there being something so basic and elemental about growing food and it's something every child should learn. Sounds like Sunny Side Up is a great place for kids in more ways than one. Why am I not surprised!?!
Becky N.

susan rice lincoln

It is my birthday and you have (unintentionally) given me the loveliest birthday gift. This sweet picture, the images your lovely essay conjured up...Wish there were more people like you in the world! I am in the middle of organizing my own vegetable garden here as well for the same reasons you stated. Nothing like growing your own food...Thank you, Nancy. Once again, your life and thoughts have inspired me..Big hug, Susan

Peter McCook

Cute kids. "Sunny Side Up" reminds me of my Japanese co-worker, Yojiro "Joe" Koizumi from the early 1980s. Once on the road, visiting customers, in a diner for his breakfast he ordered, "sunshine morning egg". The waitress figured it out before we did that he wanted his egss sunny side up!
Anyway... what a great experience for these kids, Nancy

Rodney Fong

Very impressed with your accomplishments. I know what a task it is to hold children's attention and to feel the joy of satisfaction in achieving that. My wife shares her joys, as well as trials and tribulations of her kids at the school where she teaches. She had kindergarteners this past summer, a change for her. I will share with her your garden activities and see if it is something they can incorporate in her school. Can't do much about the cooking, as the cafeteria staff has control of that. I look forward to reading each installment

Karen in Oregon

I love your idea of cooking and gardening with the kids ! Here in America we've become mostly urban over the last half century - - generations of kids are disconnected from the web of soil, working with hands, and the magic of seeds growing green, amazing, and edible. These are lessons your Sunny-Side Up kids will cherish. Looking forward to checking in on your Blog. Great job !

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