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August 22, 2009


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Rodney Fong

Oh, Nance! You don't know what you're missing. OK, so you do. Curry rice is a favorite with my family, and they love it when I make it, usually with chicken or short ribs. My favorite mix is Vermont Curry, medium hot, that has a slight apple taste to it. Maybe that would be a little more like the Indian curries that your taste gravitates toward. I'm not as partial to Japanese curry, as I favor the more local style curry, usually beef, that is a little less sweet and a little more green in appearance, in most cases not as thick. As always, curry tastes better on subsequent days, as your children apparently will attest to. I guess curry is what you are used to, as my wife did not eat the local style curry much growing up and has only recently begun frequenting a place here called Curry House, which has various things you can order with your curry rice. In addition to things already mentioned, the favorites there are tonkatsu, croquette and fried ika. That's where my son picked up his love for the food. And like true Japanese, they also just like it plain, just curry gravy and rice. It took me a while to get used to it, having grown up on a slightly different curry. Your story makes me remember the time Phil made curry at Los Arcos with apples and raisins in it. I was eagerly anticipating having curry, until I found out he had desecrated it, according to my tastes. But then, I had never had Indian style or Thai style curry before, which has more of these types of flavors in it. Not even the dreaded shredded coconut or mango chutney. Hang in there, Nance. You will be a curry rice person yet. Love the story.

Rodney Fong

BTW, I love reading your stories so much, because I love seeing how you are experiencing and learning to love many things that are more familiar to me in Hawaii than things ever were when I knew you in California. We weren't close in that way back at Stanford, where we would talk about those kinds of things, but I love now how I can appreciate your assimilation into this "new" culture. I say "new" as far as reading about this now, as you have been doing this for many years now and are relating these feelings and thoughts to a larger audience. I eagerly anticipate each posting you make.


Hi. Sounds tasty.

Check out some of mine sometime: www.12fishcurries.blogspot.com


Nancy Singleton Hachisu

David Andrews (see above comment) is a Scot traveling around (the U.S. for now) stopping in at people's houses and making fish curry. There's more alcohol, medicinal marijuana and swearing in his posts, but also a great perspective. He's a good writer. Check out the blog: www.12fishcurries.blogspot.com.

Malena Watrous sent me a link for homemade curry roux (http://www.norecipes.com/2008/07/18/karei-raisu-japanese-curry-rice/) . I checked it out, but wasn't impressed by the method. You could improvise from there and put in more spices. Though intuitively, I'd start from a velouté base, using canola oil instead of butter and add curry friendly spices.

She also pointed me to the Curry Katsu featured in the NYT (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/26/magazine/26food-recipes.html). This was better and has great potential, but I take exception to using S&B curry powder. Mass produced, no thanks. I'd get the spices from Penzeys (www.penzeys.com). Also, tonkatsu sauce is foul stuff. (Picky anyone?).


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