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September 27, 2009


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Rodney Fong

A very touching story, Nance. Our closest exposure to farm life is when we had a petting zoo with the State Fair that I used to help run. There was also a farm fair, but in general, animals and I don't get along. My son is fascinated with animals, but I don't think he is ready for responsibility for a pet. I love the photos again.

Emily Gibson

This was a lovely read, Nancy. And I love your farmer men photo and their produce.

We had milk goats for several years early in our marriage and they were both a challenge (keeping them adequately enclosed) and a delight (endlessly entertaining). Unfortunately the herd developed caprine AIDs, probably from contact with an infected buck on another farm, and we ended up losing them, one by one, in a traumatic sickly decline. It was one of the saddest things I've been through, and we just couldn't face another goat after that.

The farm experience and caring for the goat will serve Christopher well in his next steps into life. My sons, as reluctant as they were at times during their adolescence about chores, now miss it in the big city.

Emily Gibson

Mora Chartrand-Grant

Oh how I love goats. When I was a teenager growing up in Santa Rosa, California, my father bought a young goat to eat the weeds on the property. Lucifer #1 was my first experience with goats. He was such a treat to be with. (Dad was one of 6 kids who grew up dirt-poor on a cotton farm in the Texas panhandle. The earth never left his soul even though he was an airline pilot for his career.) The next year he bought another one that had been hand-raised and was like a pet dog. He was Lucifer #2. We used to go on walks with him and from time to time he'd come into the kitchen to check out what we were doing. Or he jump atop the picnic table to claim his King of the Hill status. Lucifer #2 taught me how intelligent goats are. I've never forgotten him. Loved the family photo!

Jo Lynn in Virginia

Ah, the magic of goats! Brings back fond memories of "our" goat in England, named simply, "Goat." A male, Goat took a real disliking to human males, but he and I became great companions. He was the guardian of the meadow and orchard, and always expected a tribute in return for safe passage through the garden gate.
Our farmer's market carries delightful goat cheeses from a local dairy, but I'm really looking forward to a visit to the farm itself in a week or so...
Wonderful photos of your family- your farm- your life!
Jo Lynn

Roger Rios

Nancy, that story was "BAAAAAAAAD" (sorry couldnt' resist) bad as in good. Keep writing as you are a wonderful writer. I won't tell you what the delicacy is in Mexico over an open fire and enveloped in a warm corn tortilla. ciao for now.

Elena Beyers

Sorry about her death. Especially difficult when you grow to love your animals. I've had goats before when I was growing up. Real characters.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Rodney: I know what you mean about your son. Matthew (12) wants a dog in the worst way--a huskie. But in Japan the dog either lives in or out. And if out, on a chain (horrible life). Now that Matthew's in school, I'm not sure who he thinks will be caring for the miserable chained creature. Not me.

Emily, Mora & Jo Lynn: Thanks for sharing your goat stories (both sad and funny). Yes, goats are delightful (or ornery). Harigaya-san's goat Chai was really a pill. He lent us a boy goat with curly hair for insemination purposes, but that little guy stayed for almost a year. No one liked him, I'm not really sure why. You can see the back view of his head in that photo of my "boys." It's funny, there are some really great farm type/excellent education programs, but when I mentioned that to Christopher, his response: "I don't want to go teach people how to farm." But the food and farm are in his blood. As for me, I'm plotting my course as I really miss the cheese. The first step is cleaning out the old goat's enclosure. Maybe I can pay someone to do it ("Mommmmmy!" would be the response to that idea). I guess that's cheating

Rog: could it be Cabrito? Not to let the cat out of the bag, but that stories coming as well. Pit BBQ, though no tortillas.

Elena: I guess you wouldn't be able to convince Robbie to have another goat...can you keep farm animals in MP?


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