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October 18, 2009


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Rodney Fong

As you can tell, I love reading your blogs, as it is a way for me to connect some local culture back to the roots of where it came. I now get the "pupu" (Hawaiian for non-fancy hors d'ouevres) concept that is prevalent in bars and parties, where drinking is combined with eating. Some of the best food in Hawaii is found at these pupu bars, like Side Street Inn, a bar where lots of local chefs congregate at the end of the night to drink and eat. Typical Hawaiian pupus will range from sashimi and poke (Hawaiian raw fish) to Korean short ribs, seasoned edamame, boiled peanuts, string beans and spam, and the like. Simple, good food, sometimes creative, but a prerequisite when drinking, alcoholic or non.

I love your imagery and descriptive prose. Makes me feel like I can see, feel, hear and touch what you're writing about. But sorry, bitter melon is not a favorite of mine, neither is eggplant. My wife loves it, though, and yes, it must be brown.

In response to your last reply, where the best food in Hawaii is purely preferential. I think that you are the first to mention that you heard Kauai is best. Each island is unique and similar at the same time. All islands have their local food and culturally influenced food. I guess to a visitor, cuisine may be able to be differentiated a little better, as we don't see each island as totally unique. But one thing is certain, there is good food everywhere, especially if you are adventurous.

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