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December 16, 2009


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preeva tramiel

Nancy,those pictures of the kids with the chickens look great!
I signed myself up for a chicken-plucking in Pescadero January 23, so I am going to see first-hand what plucking chickens is like!
They don't use the hot-water bath at this place.

Sarah O'Toole

The photo of Ibuki plucking feathers with all of his might is priceless!

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Preeva: I was intrigued by your chicken plucking event in Pescadero (wondering if it was at the Harley Goat Farm), but see from my google search you're probably doing it with Hazon. Looks like you're in for an education, but I'm sure you're "woman" enough for the job. Enjoy the holidays with your family.

Sarah: Yes, that was a classic. I wavered between using his or Haruka's photo for the lead, but finally went for overall composition. Also, Ibuki (being the photogenic little imp that he is) has been in the lead photo several times already. I'm bringing "big" Momoka, Shuto Y., Kyo & Haruka T. for the school trip this year. Riku dropped out of the running, we'll miss him, but overall it probably was a good thing. I'm going to have my hands full, though this year, I decided to send them back a day early. I'm really getting too old for this. Matthew is digging in and refusing to go (can you imagine, he doesn't want to miss school). We're in the midst of a big family divide...just in time for Christmas. Enjoy your boys while you have them, it goes fast.


Wonderful, I love the fact that during the holidays children are learning to appreciate the gift of food and where it comes from.


Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Naimah: Always great to hear your insightful commentary from G.B.. I had a parent conference with one of my mothers in the school today. She has a 7 -year-old graduate and a current 2 year old (the tangerine boy) at SSU!. She is very interested in the Slow Lunch blog and comments there. She shows it to her 2 year old and he explains to her about the lunch he ate--wow! He also told her that "Nancy's lunch" is better than mommy's. She was so amazed because when she changes some small element in the cooking (like using an inferior mirin or soy sauce), her 7-year-old daughter immediately knows and comments. This mother is a college professor and is quite interested in the whole SSU! lunch phenomena, so is fascinated by what we do. Wonderful to see that we're making a small difference in these kids' lives. Ne?

Process Analyst

Good to know something new....

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Process Analyst: Definitely. I'm always looking out for what I can learn. I don't necessarily think we need to be really good at these skills, but it's important to stretch ourselves into these unknown (and perhaps uncomfortable) places.

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