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January 30, 2010


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I'm dying, Kitty. Boston's not a lot close to the border.
I never had the energy to find all the ingredients that DK calls for, so my creations tend to be makeshift. Good on ya for making it work.

Stephanie - Wasabimon

Those photos are making my hungry. I have such a love of Mexican food that it may be the only thing that keeps me in this [often intolerable] state!

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Philo: Hey I liked your blog. I'm trying to bring myself into the 21st century here and figure out how to manage keeping up with blog visits, etc. It's a work in progress. Just got an email from Harry and dialed up Norman to check in. He's got Slicky working at Eddie Rick's right now. I'll pop in with the SSU! kids next Saturday. Now that will be an education. Video camera will be ready to capture the event. My friend Susan Lincoln (heavily into social media) says I need to put up a little T.V. program of life in Japan. Hmmm...where to start? So, how did that escape me that you were into cooking? And D.K....where did that come from? Nice to hear you're a fellow aficionado. I heard from another blogger that she does cooking classes in Sacramento. Wouldn't you love to go? I would. I forgot to link up the H.A. site with my email announcement. Oh well, maybe they're not ready for that. I did find a few other photos I'll put up. And maybe a little video of Normal Norman & Slicky Boy up to their old tricks...I have to say, it takes me right back to see Norman in action at his bar, holding court from his Victorian armchair, biting big fat cat, Higgins on the head. Classic Norman. ---Nancy (a.k.a. "Kitty")

Steph: I read in the latest issue of the Art of Eating of some Mexican restaurants in the SF area putting out amazing food with handmade organic corn tortillas and local ingredients. I was almost drooling on the page. Got to go there and check them out: Nopalito on Broderick and Tamarindo Antojería in Oakland. There's also Mateo Granado's Mobile Kitchen in Healdsburg, but that's only open in Healdsburg on Saturday mornings from May thru November, and Sebastopol on Sundays from April thru November. Definitely worth the trip up for Granado's Yucatán food. Speaking of hungry...


Nancy, you are so good at communicating the role food plays as an international language, and how we learn about others through our shared food experiences. Your paragraph on how you gradually got to know the ladies behind the Mexican counter vividly conjured their shy smiles and gentle reticence. Without any Spanish I didn't get as far as you in striking up a bond, but it was my favourite food station nevertheless. Fresh and simple with nothing there that didn't need to be. I would have been perfectly happy if they'd come over all ballsy and installed a food hall dictatorship! Great photo of the arbol chillies too - love their different tones and lip-smacking gloss.

Mora Chartrand-Grant

Nancy, I loved your earlier mention about Henry Africa's. Boy, did that bring back the memories from when I lived in San Francisco (Arguello just off of Geary) for college. Too many to delve into here. But I also found myself wondering if you ever had the pleasure to order "Sticky Finger Brownies." How I wish I had kept each of the bags in which they were packed/delivered; the silk-screened art was terrific. The only one I kept was the very last one from when the proprietor was closing the business and gave all the loyal customers the recipe. The heading was perfect: Give it up and you get it all!

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Sonnda: Thanks for your colorful comments. Don't you have a lot of thoughts swirling around in your brain after the FBC? On the one hand, I think I should be jumping into Twitter, then there is the "branding"...but in the end, I'm just looking towards the next post. That's my focus. Write first. Figure out the rest next. I got slammed when I returned to Japan and am turning back around tomorrow, flying out to SF for 3 weeks. Bags are packed and hopefully I'll have some time to post. I'll be back visiting your site as I really liked what I saw. Good night for now. Nancy

Mora: OK, we have to talk about H.A.'s--check out the Facebook page I created. You'll see a photo of me on my Harley. Oh yeah, sporting Ray Bans and topsiders. Typical biker chick, no? Never heard of the Brownies but then I didn't venture far from the Marina-Cow Hollow area. And of course Polk Gulch. I was a regular at Swan's and still go back every trip. Loved the heading on the recipe for the brownies though. Lots more to say, and I have some stuff to send you and Linda. As you have noticed, I never got around to it since I got back from the Nov. trip. The omiyages are packed (and everything else as well. Good thing the little SSU! kids are coming along because we have some serious baggage here. Did I tell you about the soba dinner we're doing at Chez Panisse on 2/21? Our chef friend from here is cooking and Christopher is his translator. We did one in 2008 as well. If I remember, I'll send you the pdf file of the Slow Food Japan article I collaborated on. Nancy


Tell me about it Nancy! Have had so many FBC thoughts whirring around in my head that almost didn't know where to turn for a while. Like you, have settled on improving doable aspects for now. Am gonna work with Dianne on my writing, gradually refine focus and structure of blog to make whole thing tighter and keep taking photos (trying not to get too frustrated when they don't turn out the way I want). Will eventually cough up for a professional designer, though that's some way down the road. Have tremendous admiration for the Jadens of this world, but know that I'm more of a tortoise than a hare! See you've done another post before haring off to SF - eagerly off to read it and hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy yourself out there. Sonnda

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