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February 12, 2010


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preeva tramiel

A great summary of how and why to adjust with the seasons, Nancy-
I bet the stew with onions would be a big hit in my house!
The tartare would be a big hit with me!

Mora Chartrand-Grant

Nancy, you brought back such wonderful memories of my mother and me enjoying steak tartare when my father was off on one of his flights. She would purchase the leanest, freshest ground beef she could find, to which she added an egg yolk, minced onion or shallots, chopped parsley, drained and chopped capers, a spoonful or so of ketchup and mayonnaise, several shakes of Lea & Perrin Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper. The steak tartare was served with a large green salad and a big bowl of homemade frites. Now that was a meal! And it would definitely be on my list of foods for my last meal on earth.

Dirk L. Archibold-Chester

This sounds fantastic. I am a fan of steak tartare myself.

Food Lovers Heaven

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Preeva: Funny, how the cook loves to eat raw things. I think we get "cooked out." I love stews of all kinds and find them incredibly versatile. But there is something about a beef stew that is so satisfying. It really reaches in and grabs you. But also, beef stews have so much breadth in their renditions. Great to see you last week.

Mora: When I first was in Belgium I went to a party where they served tartines of "filet americain." I thought, gross, raw meat. Then my host mother served me "filet americain" (steak tartare to all of you who unlike Mora, do not have a Belgium mother), frites & homemade mayonnaise with a green salad. Oh my god, that immediately became my most favorite meal. I am totally with you on that. And I still think that rates as my number one.

DirK: Steak Tartare & Sushi...what is it about raw proteins that is so great? Maybe the clean taste.


Rodney Fong

I have not had the chance to have steak tartare very often, but I am sure that wagyu beef is the way to go with it. One story about steak tartare I recall was when Phil Kurjan made it at Los Arcos one weekend and nearly caused a riot among the "heathens", as Phil called them, for making him cook it.

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