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March 03, 2010


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Yum. Bravi!

Sarah O'Toole

Love the pics of the kids!

Mora Chartrand-Grant

Bravo, Nancy. You are a hero not only to great ingredients and cuisine, but to taking small children on a long trip. Your posts always take me back to my meals at home. Mom made her version of a quiche cum flammenkuche: homeade pie crust rolled out to fit a large rectangular baking pan; a few eggs beaten with some milk, S&P, all poured over carmelized onions; squares of hand-sliced slab bacon; and sometmes, but not always, a final dusting of grated hard cheese (whatever was on hand). While it baked in the oven we enjoyed homemade chicken soup and caught up on the day's events. The "pie" was served right out of the oven with a big green salad along side. It was heaven. P.S. Gruner, a new Alpine restaurant here in Portland, is said to serve a top-notch flammenkuche. Linda and I hope to try it soon; report forthcoming.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Vince: Hey thanks for the accolades and tweets, soon to be posting the real deal.

Sarah: They've grown up, eh? What are you and Phil doing around 3PM or so Japanese time on our Monday, 22? Up for a little Skype graduation call?

Mora: I'm really struggling with what to do next year as I pay for my own trip and just do the whole thing because I believe in it. Without my boys, it will be an altogether different trip, and am trying to find a way to spin it in my mind and keep on going. It's so unbelievable the impact on the kids and the positive feedback we get from cooks and staff at Chez Panisse and also Pizzaiolo (ex-Chez guy).

Your mom's flammenkuche reminds me of the quiche I learned from Danie Dubois in the Dordogne. Nothing like the floppy, insipid quiches floating around in the 70's. Funny, I don't remember my Belgian home-stay mother making that. But the frites, the homemade mayonnaise, green salad and filet americain (heaven!!!); the rolled cabbages and mashed potatoes (even heated over hot water, incredible);....oh and remember beef fondue with all the little mayonnaise sauces...and waterzooi...I could go on and on. That was great food. Looking forward to your report on Gruner.


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