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March 24, 2010


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Brad Fisher

Ah, since moving East I've had to make do with live Maine lobsters. Never really measured up to cold cracked Dungeness on newspapers with cocktail sauce.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Hey Brad: this comment slipped by me, sorry for not replying. I should have included the shot of the cracked crab legs on newspaper. I may update, as the whole crabs in the sink photo was less compelling in the smaller size. Of course there was also a funny photo of Marcus, but I wasn't sure he'd like to have it on the blog. We like lobsters too, (especially Christopher), but they somehow become too rich as you reach the end of the meal, in a way that Dungeness crab ever does. Nancy

Recipes from Restaurants

Hello I love to eat crabs but here in my place we don't have crabs that big. Love this post, also i have a few recipes on my own, what does it takes to be included in the "Other Food Blogs" list?


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