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April 04, 2010


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Tofu...something that many (most?) Americans think they can either take or leave. But how right you are that it's worth the ticket to Japan to taste "real" tofu. One of my favorite experiences was while waiting for the tram up to Fujisan in Hakone. Our friend Masako grabbed my hand and took off at a trot, explaining en route that we had just enough time to grab some fresh-made tofu from this little shack-like store. What a mad dash it was indeed. We came back with 5 minutes to spare, each of us cradling two bowls of steaming tofu with shoyu for the four of us. It was a cold and crisp November day. The warmth that silky, creamy tofu gave forth was sublime. I'm with you, Nancy, that simpler is better; I love tofu with green onions, shoyu and katsuboshi. A perfect dish.

Sarah - A Beach Home Companion

I am one of those people who does actually like the tofu salad at the sushi bar. The tofu has a silkyness that is uncharacteristic of the mass-market tofu from the grocery store. I imagine it still doesn't match the fresh tofu you describe though. I'll be on the lookout for some fresh tofu, here in Southern California I think it shouldn't be too hard to find. Great story Nancy!

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