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June 28, 2010


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It's all about the flags!!!!


Brandon: I almost used a photo that had a flag in it, maybe I should have. You're going to love Olympic Provisions tomorrow night. And Carly knows her wine. I wish I could be there. Have fun.

Rodney Fong

I thought I posted a comment a while back, but for some reason, it didn't post. Sorry I can't recreate it. I made mention that I was sorry we couldn't meet up in Portland, and that coincidentally I did go to the Portland Saturday Morning Open Market downtown. Should have thought to ask if you wanted to meet there. In any case, the main point I made was that as the younger generation, as in Hawaii, find that they have less space to live in, it is out with the old and in with the new. Many newer things are so poorly made, yet desired by the younger people because it's new. Anyway, I hope to be able to comment more, now that things are starting to settle here. Aloha.


Rodney: Losing a comment has happened to me as well. So disheartening. I think it happens if we forget to do the vetting process. Also, I have learned to copy paste my comment text, just in case the computer hangs. And you are right, it is impossible to recreate the heart of a comment. That Portland trip ended up crazy busy trying to get Christopher ready for school and apartment etc. sorted out. I wanted to go to the market but the weather was bad that Saturday and I knew Christopher would probably never go on his own, so why do the dry-run? I'll be back for a short weekend in Sept, though probably no market again. Tomorrow field trip with the SSU! crazy preschoolers, hoping for sun. I've just finished last section of my book proposal and am trying to post blog tomorrow about making paper with the kids. I've missed your insights, but welcome you whenever you have time.

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