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October 08, 2010


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Lovely post, Nancy, especially the description of the different ages coming together; I love that about Japan. And how nice to have shared lunch with you, Christopher and Patrick during your stop in Portland. I whole-heartedly support The Art of Simple food, as well as all the other CP cookbooks in my kitchen library. Next to the cooking style I learned from my mother, Alice is next. As a food and cooking empassioned teen, I tried my hands at all sorts of recipes. But what brought the rave reviews were the simple ones that, of course, embraced seasonal ingredients. I'd put my heart and soul into a meal and didn't fuss or preen about with it, and the effort...which didn't seem like effort afterall...was rewarded with the expression on my parents' faces. Words seem inadequate at times to describe what well prepared food will do for body and soul.


Mora: I always enjoy reading your food musings and memories. We share a similar background there, though always mindful of getting good ingredients, even as a young teen, I didn't truly have an idea about seasonal until my twenties and then of course when I came to Japan. It was lovely sharing a meal with you and Linda at Chef Naoko's Bento Shop, glad I finally got to try it and glad that the boys now have that on their list. We're doing our yearly Edamame Cropping event up in the mountain town next to our's at Matsuda-san's Mayonnaise place. Looks like rain, but nothing to be done about that. I'll eat a handful or two for you.

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