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November 19, 2010


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Chris Narvaez

Holy cow,

The photography is larger than life!
Great to hear that the change in season has been mostly positive.

joanne godley

Your writing has taken on such an introspective and intimate tone--I love it! The gorgeous photographs are like eye-candy, a little treat to top off the delicious entree-essay.

Thanks for sharing--


Hahah Nancy it's great to see you back after more adventures - Look at that sweet dog face! Here's to new friends.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - canceled our trip today due to bad weather, so this holiday will be just a 12 lb local turkey and the two of us in front of the fireplace. Warmth your way, K.


Chris: Hope your visit here proved to be a great one and that the photos on the blog helped you "know" our life before you came. It's been wonderful having you and good luck on your cooking path.

Joanne: Sorry for being so out of touch and thank you for your support. It means a lot coming from you. How goes the writing and life in Alabama...Mississippi...where was it you moved to?

Karen: Your 12 lb local turkey à deux in front of the fire sounds lovely. Plucking 6 chickens on my own left my hands sore for a week. And 32 guests for Thanksgiving sent me over the edge. I'm too old for this! Lovely to hear from you.


Nancy, welcome home...even if I'm overdue in sending you this greeting. It's been hectic as we readied ourselves for the flight to Kansai. Egads...it's tomorrow and that entails a 2:30am rise in order to make the flight out of Portland to SFO and on to KIX. Can't wait to get back to our home away from home in Kyoto. I thought about your farm and its bounty as I poured over Elizabeth Andoh's newest book,Kansha, late last night. Had hoped it might be available for the Kindle so I could try the recipes in Kyoto, but no such luck. There will likely be cooking sessions in our friend Yuko's kitchen, though. I can't wait to tuck in and savor her breakfasts. This trip we're visiting a black bean miso maker near Tamba. Sorry to ramble but you know how I am about Japan and all it offers. P.S. a special hug to Hanako! What a dear, sweet girl. P.P.S. had some of OP's Alsatian salumi for lunch today. It had me swooning. P.P.P.S. Gabriel's newest venture, Little Bird, debuts December 8. Bummed we won't be there for the test dinners and opening night. :-(


Hi Mora (and Linda): How is Kansai? Hoping that you are in your special place right now. Sad news about OP for me. Carly made the place really special for us. Looking forward to hearing about how Little Bird is going...hoping for more veggies...I'll be passing through in mid-January. Will you be back?

Katherine Wichmann Zacharias

Wow! I love reading your writings! I really miss Japan but I have only visited and never lived there, I would like to some day. Very interesting learning about your feelings on re-entry. Never thought of that before. Talking about your Japanese mother in law really reminds me of my Japanese mother, she is no longer with us but when she was she was very trying xo

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