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December 27, 2010


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Really nice post. The soup looks lovely, especially given the blizzard we've just had in NYC. Can't wait to try it!


Great post Nancy! By the way, Guy and I went out for Japanese food last night. Sigh. Sacramento. All I wanted was a big vegetable nabe. Is it all of this holiday eating that makes one crave vegetables? Anyway, I should have known better. The broth was insipid. It really could have used your duck carcass! I think the problem is that they tried to make a vegetable nabe vegetarian, which means the stock was probably only vegetable stock. Ah well. Something to look forward to on our trip to Japan.

Love the description of the wacking of the winter bugs. I can just imagine everyone.


Emma: Does that mean you'll miss shogatsu in Japan? It's sunny here in Saitama today, but a little cold without a jacket. Mochi tsuki is always held on Dec 30 and funny how that day dawns warm and sunny. Of course when I say "warm" that is a relative term. My oldest son has to leave the evening of the 30th because the flights were full getting back to Portland. He's disappointed, but out skiing today. I guess a pair of skis for Christmas helped soothe the pain. Hope to see you out here some time and keep me posted on your adventures.

Elise: Why do you bother??? I am sure you can make better Japanese food than what is out there. If you tell me the types of food you are interested in, I can pass along some recipes. I'm trying to make a big push to get the next couple sets out before I leave for the US & Mexico on Jan 3. I don't stress out too much about making broths because I always start with good and end with good ingredients. I'm guessing the vegetables at that restaurant didn't have enough power to flavor the soup. But I do really like kenchinjiru with a duck or chicken broth base--it gives it the depth and rib sticking feeling that warms one so on a cold winter day. See you soon.


Hi Nancy!

Always nice to read your blog, a lot of nice memories! mochi & わらでっぽう 2008 was so nice!

Probably I'm going to Japan next summer, I hope we can meet!


 It will be what a wonderful event.
Please invite it by all means next year!


Mugi: Happy New Year to you, looking forward to seeing you back in Kamikawa. Big hugs to the family--everyone here misses you.

Miki: By all means, hope you can come next year. But better remind me...

heather atwood

What a rich, interesting post! And so interesting to hear that so many of the issues we're facing in the west are global: The disappearance of tradition. No one cooks anymore. Local foods are treasures, not standard.

And the recipe - those duck carcasses, those chickens I want - sounds wonderful.


Nancy, What a beautiful post! I loved your description of the scene, smiled at the differences between you and your husband in the kitchen (including your concession about bumbling around Chez Panisse's kitchen), and was inspired by your commitment to keeping traditions alive. Thank you for sharing this and the recipe. -Stephanie M at Together In Food

Damaris @Kitchen Corners

Nancy, I really enjoyed meeting you. I hope you have a lovely rest of your trip. The blog I was telling you is http://www.nipponnin.com/ she is my good friend's mom, her name is Akemi.


Heather: I'm a bit schizophrenic these days and am also going to France like you, though leaving late Friday night...yikes it's already Wednesday here. We're fighting to keep the traditions alive and am going to Tokyo in a few hours to meet up with some people who are thinking big. I'm looking forward to jumping into the fray in a little bigger pond than my local area. Then February I really need to burrow in and write.

Stephanie: One of the best parts of the FBC 2011 was meeting you and connecting over the blog and Chez Panisse. I'm looking forward to hearing your next steps. And I'm also depending on you for some honest comments on recipes and/or stories from the farm for the book.

Da: I did get comments from Akemi somewhere, maybe an email? I'll backtrack and respond. Thanks for connecting us. Also I was excited to find Latina in the SF airport only to discover it was the August issue. Boo-hoo. I'm still looking. On line, perhaps? I enjoyed that lunch at FBC and am looking forward to seeing the depths of Da. I'm not sure if the cotton candy photo does you justice...just saying.

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