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April 28, 2011


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Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

I love that you did this for dinner the night of the quake - it does seem surreal, indulgent, and crazy in retrospect, but what an emotional balm (especially considering the following events). I think about how I used to go sit at the bar at Babbo when I was feeling really down....


Hey Case: yes, isn't it wonderful that we can feel uplifted by a visit to a certain special restaurant or bar. For me it was always my sushi bar back when I lived in the U.S. Now, I don't really have a place for that idea in my life here in Japan--it is more about creating the food I love and sitting down to eat it with a beautiful bottle of wine. But...I do travel to fill that need of connection--it is less immediate than popping in for a quick fix, but somehow these days, I find the model so much more satisfying. N.


After reading your posting I discovered difficulty in trying to express what I felt. I have no lifetime experience to even come close to what you went through that evening. But I wholly support the idea of eating at a favorite, touchstone restaurant where the familiarity and expectations would be met. The comfort of well-prepared food to nourish stomach and soul can't be dismissed during difficult times. Your further comments about trying to get real and healthful food to the shelters was enlightening. Good luck on the road trip north.


The usual expressions of "wonderful, great, or I loved this post", however apt, didn't feel appropriate. I can feel the urgency and confusion then ultimately the worried resignation of the situation. I am so grateful that you made it through that night and that you and your family are safe. I totally understand the impulse to get to the restaurant and lose yourself for an hour or two and have everything else stop except that experience. I think on an intuitive level we know when catastrophe approaches and I've often found myself reaching for my best bottle of wine thinking "I'll drink that now". I'll be in San Fran in a few weeks and I know I'll think of you. Stay safe and thanks for all the facebook updates and sharing this night with us.


Mora: I'm still stalled on the food making/delivering, but will keep at it. Did one of the last photo shoots at our house yesterday. Recipes are coming soon. Thanks for your patience and continual encouragement.

Claire: Saw your name on the IACP list and started getting excited for June. And by the way, I agree with you on the wine thing. Whenever I've had a particular trying day, the bottle I choose is often my best. We deserve that, right? I'll be thinking of you in SF, will you go to our favorite place on Shattuck?


Thanks so much for continuing to post. We arent getting hardly any news at all about the aftermath and I appreciate your 'on the ground' experience.


I'm glad that you guys still have guts to stand up and start all over again. I hope It'll not happen again.

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