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April 06, 2011


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waoh!!!!!!!!!!!I am impressed by your story.
The fact is that trusting tepco or the gouvernment is very difficult,hope every thing will be ok for you, I really stressed not getting news from you and tryed to find your location in Japaan but none information on that point on your post and website
My best
Sophie from Paradou

Rodney Fong

Hi Nancy,
I'm glad to hear that you all are safe. We have been trying to keep track of all the people we know that are connected to Japan in the wake of the earthquake. We were fortunately not home in Hawaii, where we experienced some tsunami damage from the event, relatively minor compared to the devastation in Japan. We were fixated to the television screens, while we were on the mainland. My wife's brother's girlfriend had just gotten in from Japan (from near Osaka), but there was concern for her mother. Several of my wife's students had gone to Japan for spring break, with no way of knowing if they were all right. Our friends got the last flight out of Honolulu before they shut the airport down due to the tsunami warnings. It was such a surreal time. For the most part, all of the people we knew had come through okay. Glad to hear that you are fine, as well. Take care.

Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

Oh Nancy, I'm glad to hear that you're trying to move forward and do as much as you can - it must feel wonderful to be in your own bed again, no matter what's happening around you.

Meredith (Koester) Wilson

Nancy, I have been thinking and praying about you and Japan and will continue to do so. love to you.


hello nancy.thinking of you.it was so nice to meet you and your family briefly before new year.
take care.hana was supposed to start kindergarten for the first time today in tokyo.but we are in australia for now.x melinda


I have neglected the blog and my correspondence, but I am trying to keep plugging along at life here. I am planting seeds with the crazy little ones, weeding with my teacher/cohort Alyssia, and cooking as much as I can to keep my balance. Tonight: burritos with homegrown wheat flour tortillas. I'll make my refried beans from the organic Japanese beans that are bubbling on the stove. My crema has been "culturing" on the counter since last night. I forgot to pick up the pork shoulder, but will swing by the meat shop for that when I pop out for a mother's conference at SSU! Chilorio will do quite nicely on the burritos. Maybe some cabbage salad?

In the meantime, I am working on a post for another site and this one as well. It's coming...

Sophie: I am so sorry for not answering. I have sort of put a shell around me, which is crazy because friends reaching out from all over the world have been a lifeline. I work on the computer almost all day long and unfortunately the temptation is there to check the news updates. And so I do. Constantly. It's almost as if I cannot let 5 or 10 minutes go by without checking. The scary thing is when they release so very little new data like they are doing now. This cannot bode well for the overall status of reactors 1 through 4. And I just read somewhere that 5 & 6 now have too much water. There seems to be no way out of this desperate state. Wishing I was in Paradou just about now...

Rodney: So great to hear from you again. It is a surreal time. Yes, I agree with that. And so unimaginable that the tsumami could reach Hawaii or California (like I also heard it did). Luckily the radiation will peter out quite a bit by the time it drifts your way. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Though regardless we are going to see a big ripple effect all over Japan because of this triple disaster.

Casey: Your sense of humor was sorely missed at the last FB Camp. Don't think I'll repeat that again, I guess I'm too old. And I've been meaning to send you my Nikujaga recipe and photos. I think you may like it (dare I say better than the version on GFS?). And yes, it is wonderful to be in my own bed, or more...in my own house. I could not have stayed indefinitely in California, unfortunately.

Meredith: Thank you for your prayers, I know the north of Japan desperately needs them. Hope you and yours are all thriving.

Melinda: I have some cute photos of your daughter from mochi tsuki, I'll try to remember to send them along. Are you still in Australia?

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