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May 02, 2012


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Thanks, Nancy, for the update......and congratulations on the upcoming book tour! So nice to be back on the farm with you - at least via Indigo Days. Can't wait to see the book. And thrilled that the spring onions and miso photo has a prominent spot. Hoping you might make it to Portland OR with a promo stop at the Portland Culinary Alliance.

Karen in Silverton, OR

Recently returned from a Berkeley business trip and was just thinking about you as I played hooky at my favorite shop, the Gardener, down on 4th Street. Maybe Ron and I can get back down to the Bay Area for your book launch - otherwise, I second Mora's hope for a Portland, Oregon stop!


Mora: Couldn't have done it without your support and encouragement!! Talking to Nate Tilden about doing a dinner at Olympic Provisions SE, hope we can find a date. Once that gets squared away, I will be picking your brain re: other PDX venues.

Karen: I will keep you posted on the Bay Area and PDX. Alta Tingle from The Gardener has been very kind, can't wait to do a signing there!


Kudos on getting it done, Nancy. You are my inspiration! Just pre-ordered our US copy via Amazon. Can't wait!


Vince: thanks for ordering! Inspiration. Love it. Rice planting is happening in the end of June. Save the date. I will email. I probably won't be in Japan for the edamame event in October, but will put you in the loop. But I will be back for our Thanksgiving, so mark the usual date on your calendar!


Nancy - Huge congrats on the book! I can't wait to get a copy. Any chance you'll be coming to the New York area?


So excited about the book, which has a stunningly gorgeous cover!!! I will definitely try to make it to the Berkeley event or another Bay Area one. Omnivore? Keep me posted on B.A. tour dates please.



Congratulations, Nancy! I don't typically comment, but I do read all your posts, and enjoy every word and photo. Thanks to Vince for the heads-up about Amazon pre-order--I just did the same, and look forward to Sept 4!


Emma: New York area? Yes I will be there in October, though have to nail down the dates. Will keep you posted. I had to take a beat and check your site to see if you are still in Japan (by the way lovely post on the ohitashi komatsuna). You are from Brooklyn? I am not much of a city girl these days, but am loving the vibe in Brooklyn.

Malena: Yes, on Omnivore (and you were the one who introduced me to that incredible bookstore!)--I need to fix a date with them. So much to juggle, but they are key. I will keep you posted on CP and the other bay area dates. Couldn't have done this without you (as you know). Thanks for being such a smart, insightful, and encouraging mentor. How goes Stanford Continuing Studies? My sister is enjoying teaching in the non-online section.

Kathy: Thanks! Always good to hear from you. I am trying to hook up with Sue in Paris if she is able to come in for a few hours. Don't think I can get down to Burgundy.


By the way, check out the last link of the blog and you can get a peek at the inside of the book. I'm not sure if everyone realizes that. Perhaps I was too circumspect!


Thanks for checking out the blog! I am indeed from Brooklyn and moved back in November of 2011. Needless to say, it would be great to catch you on your tour while you're here. In the meantime, I'll be promoting your book to all my food-loving friends!

Farmgirl Susan

Congratulations on finishing your book! Love these adorable gardening kid pics. :)


Emma: I was in NYC in March and ate at Isa two nights in a row--loved everything about it: the people, the presentation, the food, the vibe. I imagine you miss Japan, but Brooklyn is pretty happening place. Will definitely keep in touch about the fall.

Farmgirl Susan: Thanks! The SSU! kids are nothing if not expressive. I love the squinting into the sun one and of Jotaro, "More please!!"


I'm another Portland person who hopes you will come here on your tour. I'm excited about your book and pre-ordered it, something I don't do very often. What are the red berries on the cover of the book?


Cathy: Thanks for the words of encouragement, but you wouldn't be able to keep me away from PDX in a million years. Next to Berkeley, it is my favorite place to go in the US. Of course Olympic Provisions is a big draw, and my son at L&C, and some good friends, and Powell's and, and...Coffeehouse Northwest....and City Mart...and the people, the friendliness....the food/coffee/artisanal-centric nature of the city. Portland is a must. Cannot wait. Have to nail down the dates soon. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks!

Karen Seehaus Papson

Congratulations on finishing your book! Wonderful and inspirational news!


Thanks Karen, great to hear from you. Did you get married?


those kids are completely adorable. congratulations on your book!

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Thanks Anna. I like the feel of your blog and your thoughts on your baby. It has been a while for me but I can enjoy the squishy, unpredictable little SSU! kids. (By the way...trying to get back on track with the blog. I lost my way a bit last year....book...earthquake ....)--Nancy


Hello Nancy,

I am an Asian-American living in Tokyo. I was recommended your book on Amazon.com and they listed your Japanfarmfood blog, which brought me here. I really love the concept of your book, and have subsequently pre-ordered it. Will you also be releasing it in Japanese? Though I love the city life (and own my home in central Tokyo), I have to admit that I envy the freshness of food in the country. I even have planters set up in my living room to grow vegetables, but growing indoors is its own set of challenges. I really look forward to your book!


Kaki: Sorry, I fashioned a reply to you that got lost by the click of a button. And then I got distracted with other things. Let me try again. I am glad you found me through Amazon, a very useful site for us foreigners in Japan. I am not sure where all will carry the book, but certainly the main bookstores and I believe I will be doing a signing at Tsutaya Daikanyama in November. And yes, there is a plan to translate the book into Japanese. We are hoping to get it out by December, but I think that is over optimistic!


I am enjoying every bit of your book. I was at Powell's yesterday and did not see it there. This bit is in response to your ponder in an earlier answer to my comment where you were wondering if Powells have your book there. Re the ginger custard, you are right about using ginger. The Chinese have a similar "dessert" that uses the root.


Chee: Thanks for checking and Powell's. Strange. Also thanks for your feedback on the custard! Good to know.


I am awaiting my copy of your book, Nancy. As I sit here reading your lovely blog, my boys (sitting next to me) are taking in the sweet photographs of children gardening there in Japan! Dana


Dana: Thanks and great to hear from you now that we are twitter buddies. Don't give up on me I am on my way to taking up the posting mantle. Hopefully today!

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